Ellsworth Adhesives Authorized Distributor For Henkel Aerospace in the United States


Ellsworth Adhesives announced today it is now an authorized distributor for the Henkel Aerospace line of products in the United States. Henkel is an industry leading manufacturer of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and specialty materials, offering a complete line of certified products in the industry.


Henkel Aerospace develops structural adhesives, metal surface treatments and composites that serve the aircraft OEM and MRO industries. As a world market leader in these industries for over 40 years, Henkel products offer economic and performance benefits. Their innovative aerospace product line includes paste and film adhesives, primers, specialty resins, syntactic films, sealers, cleaners and more. Top Henkel Aerospace brands include Hysol, Frekote, and Alodine.


“Ellsworth welcomes the opportunity to utilize our experienced team to market and sell Henkel Aerospace products throughout the United States,” stated Mike McCourt, Global President of Ellsworth Adhesives - Specialty Chemical Division. “This new distribution agreement allows us to better serve the growing needs of new and existing Ellsworth customers in this specialized industry.”


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