Ellsworth Adhesives Introduces New Glue Dots® Applicator For Box/Case Sealing




QDPGERMANTOWN, WI – December, 2011 – Ellsworth Adhesives has teamed with Glue Dots International® (GDI) on the commercialization of a revolutionary new packaging technology, the QuikDot Pro applicator. The QuikDot Pro is a pressure sensitive adhesive applicator designed to seamlessly and effortlessly seal corrugated boxes. The applicator's portable and rugged design is perfect for resealing broken beverage and other packs during shipping and at retail locations.


The QuikDot Pro has been approved for use by major beverage companies and is a convenient alternative to cumbersome tape pads and hot melt glue guns. The new applicator protects brand integrity with a dependable seal that is virtually invisible to customers. Designed for time savings and ease of use, the QuikDot Pro is refillable and fits easily into the palm of the hand.


"When beverage packs are broken, returns can be costly and time-consuming. We are excited to introduce the QuikDot Pro as a new, no-hassle alternative to traditional tape pads and high-temperature glue guns," stated Bruce Church, General Manager – Glue Dots International®. "This applicator and custom adhesive formula offers a new market for Glue Dots International products, and we are excited about the opportunities it will open for our prospective customers and distributors."


The new QuikDot Pro is available online through Ellsworth Adhesives, a certified distributor of Glue Dots International® products. Introductory kits include one QuikDot Pro applicator and two QuikDot Pro adhesive rolls. The adhesive rolls contain 800 dots per roll. More information on the advantages of new Glue Dots International QuikDot Pro, including a brief video with product demonstrations, can be found online at and on the Glue Dots® YouTube Channel.



Contact Information:
Dr. Jeff Payne
Chief Marketing Officer
Ellsworth Corporation