HumiSeal 1080A Stripper Clear 5 L Can



HumiSeal® 1080A Stripper is a low toxicity solvent that is used to dissolve cured HumiSeal® acrylic coatings without negatively affecting printed wiring board components or substrates. It can also be used on epoxy substrates, epoxy markings, silver, copper, solder, gold and nickel plating. 5 L Can.

HumiSeal 1080A Stripper Clear 5 L Can

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Número de Pieza 1080A STRIPPER 5LT
Fabricante Número de Pieza 51328
Color Clear
Componentes 1 part
Punto de Inflamación 25 °C
Gravedad Específica 0.9 ± 0.01
HumiSeal Stripper 1080A is safe for use on epoxy markings, epoxy substrates, solder, copper, silver, gold and nickel plating. It will swell or dissolve polystyrene and vinyl.