KitPackers Introduces New TwinPak System with Dispensing Tip




GERMANTOWN, WI – July 2010 – KitPackers has introduced an innovative new packaging option for customers seeking a simple system for mixing and dispensing small quantities of two component reactive chemical systems, especially adhesives and sealants. The new TwinPak Needle Pouch system includes two chambers (separated by a burst-able seal) for the reactive components, a third chamber to aid in mixing, and a dispensing outlet for the attachment of a luer lock tip.

KitPackers, a contract packager specializing in reactive chemical systems, has introduced the TwinPak Needle Pouch system for customers requiring a simple, low cost package capable of delivering two component reactive chemicals mixed in highly variable mix ratios. The dispensing tip is an important innovation, giving the total system much greater dispensing accuracy. Another significant benefit is that users will waste much less product and spend far less time cleaning areas where the mixed adhesive or sealant has been misapplied. The needle adapter for the package, available through KitPackers, is a 3/16” ID 10-32 threaded male luer lock adapter, which accepts standard luer lock needles.

For the standard package, the large compartment will have a capacity of approximately 55ml and the small compartment will have a capacity of up to 12ml. The total capacity for a 1:1 mix ratio product would be about 25ml, and the total capacity for a 4:1 mix ratio product would be 60ml. KitPackers can fill the package to order to the customer’s specifications. Other size options are available with a special set-up charge.

For more information, contact KitPackers at 877-313-8977 or visit the company’s website and request a quote,

About Kitpackers 
KitPackers is a premier packager of one component and two component industrial chemicals such as adhesives, encapsulants, sealants, coatings, greases, lubricants, cleaners, primers and a wide variety of other specialty chemicals. KitPackers specializes in repackaging chemistries such as epoxies, silicones, urethanes, polysulfides, and acrylics. Additionally, KitPackers is fully equipped to handle, store, repackage and ship hazardous and temperature sensitive materials. KitPackers can be contacted directly at 866-322-8322 or by logging onto