Ashland Pliogrip 7773 Urethane Adhesive Green 220 mL Cartridge



Ashland PLIOGRIP Urethane Adhesive System 7773 is a two component structural adhesive that is used for sealing, repairing, and bonding of thermoplastics, thermoset composites, CFRP, wood, concrete, metal, and other materials. It offers long cure times, odorless, no VOCs, and easy applications. It is resistant to moisture, elevated temperatures, chemicals, fuel, and most solvents. 220 mL Cartridge.

Ashland Pliogrip 7773 Urethane Adhesive Green 220 mL Cartridge

Número de Pieza 7773/220
Fabricante Número de Pieza 170396
Composición Química 7400: Isocyanate prepolymer; 7651: Polyol curative
Color Green
Componentes 2 part
Elongación 65%
Punto de Inflamación 7400: >100 °C; 7651: >93.4 °C
Tiempo de Curado Completo 15min @ 23 °C
Dureza 69 D
Proporción de Mezcla 1:1 by volume; 1.06:1 by weight
Gravedad Específica 7400: 1.28 g/mL; 7651: 1.23 g/mL
Resistencia a la Tracción 26 MPa @ 23 °C
Viscosidad CP 7400: 15,000; 7651: 20,500
Tiempo de Trabajo 3.5min
Excellent adhesion to thermoset composites (SMC, BMC, RTM), carbon fiber composites (CFRP), engineered thermoplastics (PUR-RIM, ABS-PC, PE/PA, PBT/PC, etc), coated metals, wood, concrete, and many other materials.