Dynaloy Dynasolve 217 Cleaner 1 qt Bottle



Dynaloy Dynasolve 217 Amber is a mixture of solvents that are used to dissolve a variety of silicones such as sealants, adhesives, elastomers, encapsulants, RTV's, dielectric gels, varnishes, conformal coatings, and tapes. It is non-flammable, VOC free, and will not attack most metals. 1 qt Bottle.

Dynaloy Dynasolve 217 Cleaner 1 qt Bottle

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Número de Pieza DYNASOLVE 217 QUART
Color Amber
Punto de Inflamación 81 °C
Gravedad Específica 0.84
Dynasolve 217 was developed for situations in which the use of a flammable product would be unacceptable and high operational temperature for improved bath loading and low dissolve time was needed.