EE-1010 SIL ELAST 36.2KG

Dow DOWSIL™ EE-1010 Low Viscosity Encapsulant 36.2 kg Kit



Dow DOWSIL™ EE-1010 Low Viscosity Encapsulant is a two component, 1:1 mix ratio silicone elastomer for the electronics industry. Benefits include a room temperature cure that can be accelerated with heat, and a long working time. Part A and Part B are different colors for easy identification when mixing. EE-1010 can be dispensed through meter mixing or manually. 36.2 kg Kit.

Dow DOWSIL™ EE-1010 Low Viscosity Encapsulant 36.2 kg Kit

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Número de Pieza EE-1010 SIL ELAST 36.2KG
Fabricante Número de Pieza 4101626
Composición Química Silicone elastomer
Color Part A: Black; Part B: Off-White
Componentes 2 part
Fuerza Dieléctrica 450 V/mil
Punto de Inflamación Part A: >101 °C; Part B: >101 °C
Tiempo de Curado Completo 24h @ 25 °C; 3min @ 100 °C; 2min @ 150 °C
Dureza 60 A
Proporción de Mezcla 1:1
Gravedad Específica Part A: 1.26; Part B: 1.25
Conductividad Térmica 0.6 W/mK
Viscosidad CP Part A: 1,020; Part B: 600; Mixed: 840
Resistencia del Volúmen 1.19e + 15 ohm-cm
Tiempo de Trabajo 50min @ 25 °C
Typically used in applications where there are frequent start/stops during the manufacturing process.