ITW Performance Polymers Devcon Aluminum Putty F 1 lb Kit



ITW Performance Polymers Devcon Aluminum Putty F 10610 is an epoxy that is used for patching machinery, aluminum castings, and concrete. It can be drilled, tapped, and machined using metalwork tools. 1 lb Kit.

ITW Polymers Adhesives Devcon Aluminum Putty F 1 lb Kit

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Número de Pieza 10610
Composición Química Epoxy
Color Aluminum
Componentes 2 part
Fuerza Dieléctrica 100 V/mil
Punto de Inflamación Resin: >204.4 °C; Hardener: >93.3 °C
Tiempo de Curado Completo 16h, 2.5h @ room temperature and 4h @ 93.3 °C
Dureza 85 D
Especificaciones Clave DOD-C-24176B Type II If you require manufacturer certification to a certain spec, please request a quote as additional fees may apply. Ellsworth Adhesives is an ISO-9001 registered and AS9120 compliant distributor.
Proporción de Mezcla 4:1 by volume; 9:1 by weight
Resistencia a la Separación PSI 2,600
Gravedad Específica Mixed: 1.58
Conductividad Térmica 1.73 x 10^-3
Viscosidad CP Mixed: Putty
Tiempo de Trabajo 60min @ 23.8 °C
Patch aluminum castings; make jigs, dies, and holding fixtures.