A-1 QT

ResinLab Armstrong™ A-1 Epoxy Adhesive Resin Part A Red-Brown 1 qt Can



ResinLab Armstrong™ Epoxy Resin Adhesive Red-Brown A-1 is used on hard to bond surfaces such as glass, rubbers, wood, and metals. An activator is required. 1 qt Can.


Armstrong™ is a trademark of Henkel and its affiliates in the US and elsewhere, and used under license. Product manufactured under license from Henkel.

Armstrong A-1 Epoxy Adhesive Resin Part A Red-Brown 1 qt Can

Número de Pieza A-1 QT
Composición Química Epoxy resin
Color Red-Brown
Componentes 2 part
Elongación Activator A: 1.4% to 2%; Activator E: 1.7%
Punto de Inflamación >93.3 °C
Tiempo de Curado Completo Activator A: 7d @ room temperature, 2h @ 73.8 °C; Activator E: 1h @ 93.3 °C
Gravedad Específica 1.55
Resistencia a la Tracción Activator A: 3,000 to 4,020 psi; Activator E: 3,960 psi
Viscosidad CP Activator A: 4,300; Activator E: 4,000
Resistencia del Volúmen Activator E: 3 x 10^14 ohm-cm @ 93.3 °C
Tiempo de Trabajo Activator A: 30min @ 25 °C; Activator E: 2 to 3h @ 25 °C
ResinLab Armstrong™ A-1 or A-3 are suitable for bonding most rigid materials such as metals, wood, glass, ceramics, hard rubber and thermosetting plastics.