Techspray 1630 G3 Blue Shower Cleaner/Degreaser Clear 16 oz Aerosol



Techspray G3 Blue Shower Cleaner/Degreaser is a non-flammable, maintenance cleaner that is used to remove contaminants off of printed circuit boards, motors, switch boxes, metals, and generators. It is EPA SNAP approved, non-ozone depleting, leaves zero residue, eliminates scrubbing, and evaporates quickly. 16 oz Aerosol.

Techspray Blue Shower G3 Cleaner/Degreaser 16 oz Aerosol

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Número de Pieza 1630-16S
Color Clear
Componentes 1 part
Fuerza Dieléctrica 27.3 kV/mm
Blue Shower G3 is effective in cleaning electronic and electrical equipment, machinery, metal parts and other general cleaning applications.