Techspray 1638 G3 Universal Cleaner 1 gal Bottle



Techspray G3 Flux Remover is a non-flammable, all-in-one degreaser and defluxer that is used to remove residues from electronics, plastics, print circuit board repairs, or other debris left by manufacturer. It is also powerful enough for cleaning R, RA, and no-clean fluxes. It is EPA SNAP approved, non-ozone depleting, leaves zero residue, eliminates scrubbing, and evaporates quickly. 1 gal Bottle.

Techspray 1638 G3 Universal Cleaner 1 gal Bottle

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Número de Pieza 1638-G
Color Clear
This flux remover can be used as an all-purpose cleaner to remove light oils, silicones, waxes, greases and similar contaminants often found in electronics manufacturing. Not recommended for vapor degreasing or heated ultrasonic tanks.