Resinlab Launches New Polyurethane Adhesive




Germantown, WI - Resinlab has launched a new polyurethane encapsulant, UR3005, exhibiting very low moisture absorption and high elongation at low temperatures.


UR3005, a polybutadiene modified polyurethane, has excellent moisture resistance with water pickup of less than 1% during immersion at 60 oC. As a medium soft encapsulant, UR3005 induces very little stress on sensitive parts, like printed circuit board level components and associated solder joints.


UR3005 gels in 10-20 minutes. Full cure is typically reached in 24 hours. Gel and cure times can be shortened or lengthened in special cases for customers on a custom basis. The encapsulant has excellent adhesion to many plastics and metals and low shrinkage and exotherm upon cure. Durometer and modulus are relatively insensitive to temperature changes. The product is suitable of long-term service at 125 oC. Standard color is black, but other colors are possible on a custom basis.


The 2-part system has a 6 to 1 mix ratio and should be dispensed using meter mix dispense, MMD, equipment. Resinlab maintains a list of capable MMD equipment suppliers.


Paul Tehan, Technical Director for Resinlab, described UR3005 as "an important addition to the Resinlab group of products. UR3005 is an ideal adhesive for customers looking for a tough encapsulant or potting system exhibiting relatively little changes in physical properties with changing environmental conditions."


Resinlab is a division of Ellsworth Adhesives. Other divisions include Specialty Chemical Distribution, The ESR Group, Glue Dots International, KitPackers, The Glue Factory, and I & J Fisnar. Based in Germantown Wisconsin, Resinlab is a supplier of custom adhesive solutions to manufacturers worldwide.